Wednesday, March 9, 2011

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This blog (below) was inspirational and refreshing to me. I hope you enjoy...

naptime diaries: the real running story & the d word: "psalm 28:6-7 I've written before about that magical 8.9 mile run in November. Before that day, the most I could eek out was a mile..."

Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Divine's Image

"We have never interacted with anyone who doesn't bear the Divine's image."  -from CS Lewis' The Weighted Glory

Yesterday, I said goodbye to this little one as he is moving back to Mexico.  It just reminded me that every day I have the ability to impact so many lives and EVERY life bears God's image.  

I will miss his smile and his laugh and his goofy questions.  He impacted me in ways that I hope I will always remember.  I want to remember his passion and love for knowledge, his positive demeanor, and the way he loved others and made sure they knew that. This little one impacted me and his 17 other classmates.  We will miss him. 
What a privileged I have to be able to learn from him. It just reminds me that everyone I encounter bears "the divine's image!" If I would remember that in my daily is SO powerful. 

Here are some of our cards for our friend.

We will miss you Little One.  If I taught you anything, I hope it is that you are brilliant and will do great things in your life!

Miss Slagle
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