Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Random thoughts from

....a month or so ago.

-I was told today I have high expectations. I just feel like most things in life fit into two categories. You either meet the standard or you don't.

-I am a full supporter of facial hair or scruffiness on men. I'm also a supporter of men rocking the beard. However...just sprouting mustaches are the worst. The only person I know who can pull off the 'stache is my dad. Maybe I'm biased.

-Why are there such random items strewn around my house...lice detangler, bottles of opened wine on the mantle, a set of sharpies in the bathroom, foam rollers in the living room, random things in wrong spots. Everything has fallen apart with this project.

-It's 12:40 on Tuesday night/Monday morning and I am finished with all edits. (Revision. It's Wednesday at 3 and I am about to hand over the whole project. What a great feeling to be done. No more weekends of coffee shops. No more nights of reading units until I fall asleep. No more excuse to be antisocial...ekkk :))

-I miss having my own class of kiddos. Everyone asks am I glad I left the classroom?! Most days yes but no matter what day it is when I am a part of a kid making a break through or meeting a goal I REALLY miss the classroom.

-Life lesson 4754256755 leaders who lead with force get compliance NOT what they are actually looking for.

Thursday, January 31, 2013


I've been trying to find time to actually write a "January-bring it 2013" post where I am both reflective and optimistic, but its the last day of January and I have yet to find the time.

I'm hopeful February will be the month for that post, but until then...

we went out to Emeril's new restaurant, E2 for the Queens City Feast
delicious. you should try it. 

my life has been utterly consumed by this freelance project
no matter how time consuming...I have enjoyed every minute of it

now for a little story.
one day I came home from work and smelled the absolute worst smell I have ever smelled. I couldn't figure it out...T and I searched everywhere. finally, I called in the big guns and C came to the rescue. what you don't see is the hot pink bandana and hot pink with zebra ruffled rubber gloves C wore (out of necessity of course). the culprit was a huge possum and rodent retrieval is definitely not in C's job description, but he was "happy" to help and had two very thankful women on his hands.

as soon as that nasty animal was gone and C. left, I packed up and headed to the wild, wonderful, west virginia to see my taylor girls. we had a weekend full of shopping, eating, and relaxing. i'm lucky enough to have friends that are truly family and even more fortunate that I got to spend three whole days with them.

I cut bangs.  This is what happens when you get bored, it's cold outside, and you are going cross-eyed reading TC Units of Study

it is hard to get a good picture and smile all at the same time

My good friend was recognized as being the best teacher ever at the Bobcats game with all of HF and lots of the kiddos.  It made for a fun night...

we went out to celebrate leah's birthday. we love plaza midhood. 

and of course I would be remiss if I didn't show you a cute kid picture
this little angel got to spend some time in my office and this my friend is a kindergarten reader at his finest.  I love the brand new readers and especially the Worm series.

for all you moms or educators out there, they are the newest and best books for beginning readers. they come in packs of four.  they have exciting characters and predictable patterns with a surprise-twist will not regret your 5.99!

money back. guarantee.