Monday, October 24, 2011

the end of an era.

Since our freshman year of college (circa 2002) I have lived my life with these 2 friends. They are two of the best friends and we have walked through life together.  We have done school, grad school, deaths, house buying, moving, boyfriends, engagements, but marriage was a new one for us.  These girls I see more than some people in Charlotte.

When Sarah was living in Indy, a common time that we had available was after school for me and before one of her group therapy sessions.  We would always catch each other up on our days and chat about whatever was going on.  It was rare if we didn't talk.  One time I remember having a slight panic which resulted in a meltdown at school and I ran into my asbestos bathroom and she talked me down from my cliff.   I didn't get to see her as much as I did Haney.  But, needless to say we all kept in pretty good contact over the 5 years we have been out of college.
a birthday trip to indy in the frigid month of january

Her wedding weekend was amazing. I flew into Akron on Tuesday night pretty late.  I checked a bag and carried on 4 bags (ekkkk).  Harold my dad aged angel took mercy on me and carried my pink hanging bag full of dresses so that I was allowed to get on the plane.  I arrived pretty late on Tuesday night, but Sarah ho was there and I am pretty sure we didn't stop talking until late in the night.

On Wednesday, we ran errands for the wedding and then picked up the wedding dress!  Later on that day-a few of the other bridesmaid flew in and we had dinner at her parents house!  We then all went back to Sarah's apartment and hung out and I believe we watched Bridesmaids.  Fitting.  
 got the goods. 

 man we are tan

On Thursday, we went out for mani/pedi's and it was Grandma and Mom's first time pampering themselves in this manner.  We were all happy to take part of their "first time."  It was sometime on Wednesday night where we discovered the amazing app of Heytell.  We proceeded to use this app ALL weekend using our trucker voices and walkie talkie lingo.  The things that amuse people us.

love those girls

We checked into the hotel and then went over to the wedding/reception site to help set up.  By the end of the time there everything looked magical. Sarah really did a great job of making sure there were lots of little details and they made the place look great!  She was such a calm bride and so much fun to be around.  A side note: this was our first meeting with the groomsmen and we were pretty confident that we were going to have a blast with them all weekend because John had pretty great friends!

We were told a few months in advance that we needed to practice the Party Rock Anthem dance and be ready to do it at the reception.  We were given a tutorial to watch and to practice our moves to.  I made my friend Michelle practice with me and clearly I had a tough time following the directions.  The future Cain's made us all practice as a group on Thursday afternoon before the rehearsal dinner.  They had planned it out perfectly that we were all announced at the reception to the beginning of the song and then at the part where it goes "Everyday I'm Shuffeling" her and John broke out the dance.  Then Trista and I and our groomsmen partners broke it down with them and then everyone joined in.  It ended up being hilarious and went SO perfectly.  I can't wait to see the video.  I did have my doubts and you will too after viewing my practice video.  

here is us doing the actual dance...

 getting introduced...what am I doing?
 there they go
 the one part I could actually do 
my impressive running man

Thursday after the rehearsal we went to this great little Italian restaurant and we were that annoying, loud table in the corner.  It was my Taylor girls and then the groomsmen and we had a blast.  I am pretty sure that we invited ourselves to go live in the vineyards with one of them.  They were so much fun.  The whole weekend was everything that reminds me of Sarah.  She made sure that we all felt so loved and that we knew how much she appreciated us being their to celebrate her special day with her.  Little does she know-we all love her and would do anything for her.  Thursday night we went back to the hotel and ended up continuing the party in one of the rooms we had. 
my peeps

 the bride
 the original group

it seemed like a good idea

On the day of the wedding we woke up and ate breakfast, had a pretty lazy morning, and went and got our hair did.  It was slightly rainy, but the bride took it all in and really actually didn't care. We got dressed, helped her get in her dress, and then started the picture madness.  It actually was raining pretty hard and was close to like 45-50 degrees out.  So, freezing with horizontal rain.  We did our best and got as many pictures taken as possible.  They turned out great and Sarah and John were unbelievably beautiful (and giddy to get married).  
hold the tears in

 love the jewelry and this friend

The boys earlier that day had to make a makeshift rain guard on the screened in porch where the ceremony was held.  They made it so the rain didn't come in and it cut out some of the wind.  Every once in a while there was a gust that would take your breath away, but for the most part everything was fine.  I have never seen a more beautiful ceremony.  They wrote their own vows and just the way they interacted was adorable.  The reception was a blast and I am pretty confident that we didn't stop dancing until they shut everything down and then we took the party elsewhere.  My MOH speech went surprisingly well and I held the tears back (for the most part).  If I kept my written copy I would post it here but alas I think I threw it out as soon as it was over.  

here are the group shots taken by the photographer (ken love)

Sarah, I am so thankful that we are friends and that I know I have someone who I can always count on. Your friendship means the world to me and I was honored to be a part of your day.  John is a lucky person to end up with you (not that you are not great too, John!).  

don't forget the cupcake to go and please the correct time to eat it is in the elevator

the group the day after at the best breakfast place ever. 

I am so glad we are forever friends.