Thursday, September 20, 2012

the 28th birthday.

birthdays have always been something my family has over celebrated.  
my extended family is pretty small and so my parents (mom) typically went all out. 

we are talking about pony rides through the neighborhood.


buried treasure in our yard and pirate treasure hunts (obviously for my ML)

we. love. birthdays. 

even more evidence:
(my freshman year of college I believe she FLEW with ML and I's traditional bday cake up to Taylor)

really it ultimately boils down to birthdays mean spending time with the people that you love

this year on my 28th birthday...I got to spend it with some of my favorite people.  

I woke up to decorations and remembered again how great my roommate is.

We went to Noda Brewery 

aren't they amazing. 

even hot neighbor nate came. 
not pictured. michelle's hot mason. 

the party planners. above and below. absolutely the best. 

sporting the GA colors.  


and what better way to celebrate the actual day then by eating Tam's amazing feast with Ash and Michael.  

my family made it unforgettable. 
my mom's sweet words. 
my dad singing his heart out on my voicemail. 
the best package ever. 
my brother and new will be sister in law being so thoughtful. 

friends near and far made me feel so loved. i am so fortunate to have great friends. 

i am a lucky girl. 

who's birthday is next? i'm can't wait to celebrate you. 

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

will I ever get used to this?

some things I am still becoming acquainted with and yet is becoming something I love. 

1. making my own schedule--I report to two schools and a boss in the central office.  At times it is a little confusing where to go, how to budget my time, when to do office work, when and who's classroom to walk into, and how should I share my real opinion even when asked.

2. having my own office--I only have an office in one of my schools, but I am in love with it.  I love walking in, kicking off my heels, and getting stuff done.  It is nice to be able to shut the door and knock work out, but at the same time have an open door policy where teachers drop in drto figure literacy out. 

3. driving to multiple work locations--some days I forget which school I am going to and have found myself pointing my car in the wrong direction. Tracking mileage is also a very new phenomenon.  

and now. 

for your viewing pleasure. 

sarah. edwards. cain. came to visit. we played our way through charlotte. 

a labor "free" evening

 the beginning of my sweet new office

dinner with devan and paul's sweet twins that are now incredibly mobile I am not sure how she does it

best. date. ever. with ethan and his hilarious jokes. 

panthers game with the tam. 

uptown charlotte...pre obama dnc craziness

 and last but not least...
the man who sent us to the panthers game. 
porch nights have become a quick favorite past-time.