Saturday, March 3, 2012

read. every. day.

First Book is one of my favorite things. I absolutely love the mission and vision of the organization.  I also love coordinating distributions for our school.  I am starting to dabble in helping plan other distributions as well and it is exciting to really facilitate that excitement and see the impact on so many others.  

We have had so many different types of celebrations over the last 3 years.  Like this one and this one.  

So for this one in honor of First Book Charlotte and Read Across America Day (Dr. Suess' Birthday) we celebrated with "Reading with Rufus." I had no idea what to expect from the our floundering NBA team and their mascot, but even if the team is terrible the mascot is impressive. 

We even got to take some VIP pictures after the program.  Rufus and his sidekick (sir purr/chubby checker) taught our kids the importance of reading and read every day.  It was high energy and exciting and pretty hilarious.  Apparently, Rufus is a magician (if only he could do his party rock dance and make the Bobcats great).  
 Insider info: he brings multiple costumes, one for each show out of necessity.  
 Michelle is coordinating this same program (I stole it from them) in April and I can't wait!  Newell out. 

After the program my class celebrated RAA day by having a campout.  We brought in pillows, stuffed animals, blankets and I set up a "fire" and a tent and we laid around and read all of our new first book books.  

I had my kids make little personal library boxes to take home and keep all of their FB books in.  

this it too sweet and makes me never want to leave this class.

 we even ate smores and roasted our mini marshmallows over the fire. 
 sometimes I forget about how much 1st graders love make believe...

i spy a flying angry bird. 

all in all a successful First Book Distribution!