Wednesday, February 29, 2012

California Girls....

How would you feel if you were greeted by the cutest pigtails and pop star singing 7 year old everyday? 

One of my little peeps has an obsession with Katy Perry.  See below for full disclosure and cuteness. 

this overnight oatmeal is changing my life. one overnight at a time. 
rolled oats, flax seed, blueberries, almonds, and a drizzle of honey=heavenly bliss on 74

I may buy these in every color they make. My sweet mom recognized the signs of a terrible week and sent them over.  How adorable is that? They are the most comfortable flats I have ever had. 
purple, teal, and out. 

ps: i would kill for those eyelashes. the only person I know with longer ones are.......
my brother (why him?)
 also note. the key change in the bridge is unbelievable talent. 

Monday, February 27, 2012

panic mode and multicultural presidents

this is what happens when you wake up 1.5 hours late and both you and your roommate are SO late to school
and this is how crazed and distracted I felt today bc of 19 needy little friends. 

on a more positive note. 
we celebrated President's Day and my kids learned SO many new facts.  
They loved making these adorable multi cultural Abe Lincolns and George Washingtons!

I will save you from having to read each hat, most say "I would hide angry birds, ice cream, and money under my hat."

holidays in first grade are fabulous and make up for crazy days.

now onto grad school...only 7 more classes until I can add MSA to my name

Sunday, February 26, 2012

my twenty somethings

"They were raised to believe they could do anything, and now they’re demanding more from work than previous generations ever did. Will they change the world or have to lower their sights?"

This article is really very interesting. 

I am young and not ready to settle. 

Are 20 somethings taking to long to "grow up?"

"But perhaps it’s not as much that twentysomethings are taking longer to grow up as it is that they’re defining adulthood in new ways, with different goals. Instead of a steady job, they want a meaningful one that serves a larger purpose or fulfills a personal passion. And instead of settling down with a spouse and mortgage, they want more years of freedom to chase career dreams and explore different paths before they have to make tradeoffs."

These are really interesting thoughts because they are similar to the current book on my kindle called the The Millennials. 

I would recommend it.
 (although I have yet to finish it)

Sunday, February 19, 2012

on this rainy day I wish...

I was here. 
 had a reason to dress up every weekend

 that men wore this attire in the good ole US of A

 that some of my lovely friends lived closer

 that i could have a hug from my two favorite men. 
or that we could relive this wedding spectacular 

 i could eat gelato pops every day
 or drink this peacefully overlooking the mountains

 have an excuse to pretend I was in a band 

 go to baseball games every day
 to be outdoorsy and adventurous 
 travel to new cities with friends

 to never be this cold again

 to go see another Black Eyed Peas concert in my lifetime:)
  bonnaroo could happen again 
 i could go back and try karaoker one more time in chin-er

but most importantly on this rainy day 
I wish I could find that motivation that I know I must have

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


 Happy Valentine's Day from the most loving class I have ever taught. 

One kid called me "sweetie" all day today. 

They made me feel so loved today. I am lucky to be their teacher. 

Monday, February 13, 2012


This is how my simple mind likes to work.  I see a vision and a picture. 

I try to describe in words, but it doesn't make sense. 

But then....

this MASTERMIND takes over

and takes over my humble non attempts at excel and creates 

this brilliant presentation

and makes me look like I am fabulous

when in reality he is the one who is brilliant and fabulous and he is letting me take all the credit. 

hence the blog tribute. 

Thank you Eric! 

Thursday, February 9, 2012

a perfect day?

Welcome to Miss Slagle's First Grade Class. 

We have been learning about continents (they are pros at singing songs to remember all the big continent names).  We made a life-size diagram of the world and then drew animal that belonged in each continent and wrote captions and labels.  

 They loved it. I loved it...they were engaged in this for at least 2 hours. 

I love Valentine's Day because I love LOVE.  Here are their Vday mailboxes...they are adorable. 

We love writing love notes to each other and putting them in the Bucket of Love.  

Thank you teacher blogs. I love seeing what my kids write about each other!

To top off it off-Tam and I got the privilege of watching these two sweet faces for about 2 hours while Dev went to a Mother of Multiples Orientation for the yardsale tomorrow.  Wow.

 sweet charleigh grace. 

 sweet logan addison.

holding the sleeping baby and my dinner.  talent.   

 Tam and the babes. 

I mean could you imagine anything sweeter?

Monday, February 6, 2012

no words.

Today I applied for graduation.   
Today I TRIED to apply for graduation.  
All I have to do is fill out my name, address, email, etc and then what degree I will graduate with so my sweet cape is the right color.  The next step was to write my name as it will appear on my diploma and here in lies the problem.  

It is currently a family issue about how to spell my middle name.  

WHAT? REALLY? You ask-how did I make it through my entire life without knowing this, but on all my legal documents my name is all in little caps.  For my college diploma I don't ever remember filling anything out.   The reason this matters is on this graduation form it had a disclaimer that
my license may be affected if my name doesn't match my legal name.  Lord help me...I need that principal license. 

The name debate. 

Brittany Joanne VS Brittany JoAnne

Currently, good ole Dad is trying to find my birth certificate to get everyone some clarification.  

I never knew I had no idea something as important as how to spell my middle name. 

Sunday, February 5, 2012

this weeks all time lows

This week I hit THREE all time lows. 

1. I am pretty confident that 3 out of the 4 week nights I was in bed by 9.  (lame or adult-like?)

2. I have been dealing with a very red eye so lately I have been wearing my glasses a lot.  At first, I thought maybe my eyes were just dry so I tried rewetting drops which felt like knives stabbing me in the eye.  One night I was making chili and cutting up an onion and my eyes watered for probably close to an one point I couldn't see it was so blurry.  My eyes were so red, itchy, and watery so I decided I needed allergy eye drops.  T and I went up to the local CVS (in the hood) and I proceeded to run to the allergy aisle, grabbed some relief, and quickly bought it.  While T was making her purchase I looked like an addict trying to break into the box, tear off the top of the drops, and with a shaky hand try to get them in my eye with no luck.  T stepped in and helped me in the doorway of the CVS right next to the rent a cop who gets a gun.  (happy to report...the drops did the trick and I have clear eyes once again)

3. I have been trying to do no sugar in my food since New Years and it has been going really well.  I can successfully say I have not had sugar until lunchtime at school on Friday.  Our school cafeteria RARELY has food that I will consume, but everyone in a while they have these delicious homemade sides (potato salad, rolls, etc).  Friday, was the berry crisp with granola...this homemade goodness is mouth watering.   I tried to talk my kids into this amazing treat and they were not taking the bait.  One even proclaimed he was "allergic to homemade."  The sweet cafeteria lady gave us (the class) a taste of the crisp and I could not even wait until the kids got through the line..I leaned right over Randi's shoulder and took a bite of our class sample.  What is wrong with me?  I am happy to say that the guilt from the amount of sugar in that bite was enough for me to finish out this no sugar challenge.  (also my sweet babes are now in love with the berry crisp!)