Wednesday, December 26, 2012

2012 Goal Review

2012 Goals in Review

(Original Goal)  (a month in update) (a year later)

More tea to kick/cut back my coffee addiction  so far only a teensy cup in the afternoon hours AND no creamer just sweet n low. a far cry from my 32 oz at 6am. this didn't last long. i'm back in full force with the crazy big coffee cup. HOWEVER I don't use nearly as much cream and sweet n low as I used to.  One step closer to drinking it black. 

Read the news everyday hanging in there. it feels good to be informed. give or take I read it something everyday. lately I have not wanted to read or see the stories so I purposefully avoided tv and facebook. 

Graduate with my masters classes don't start for a few more weeks, but my really expensive books are starting to pour in.  Only 3 more classes and then I can officially be a school administrator or a heavily indebted teacher. Graduated in May! No more grad school work. No more lame weekends spent doing projects or an excuse to get out of being social. 

Do some form of athletic event/race maybe the monument ave 10k? maybe something else? did the jingle bell 5k and grey matters they count? races just are not things I look forward to, but ironically after I finish I want to do more. 

Pursue opportunities that will want my new credentials:) the world is my limit. seriously. I had a million interviews in a few different cities and landed a few possibilities, but decided on a new job in CMS that started in July.  For the most part, I get to learn all about implementing TCRWP and making important literacy shifts in our district and make lots of administrator decisions without the title/responsibilities/pay of a principal.  I am 12 months and was unsure as to how I would adjust to not being on the year-round teaching calendar, but I am really enjoying working all the time.  I have lots of projects to do and it is exciting work which is probably why there have been no complaints about working through fall break or over the Christmas holiday. 

Travel to lots of places vague I know but so far Philly, Jackson Hole, and Spain are in the works  Jackson Hole. Check. Philly. Check. Spain was postponed, but I will be going to NYC for 2 weeks for work in February.  I'll stop by Littly Italy and Chinatown to satisfy my international travel bug.  

Refinance the house being a grown up is tough...way to raise the city taxes Charlotte-Mecklenburg now my payment is quite high. No re-fi yet. Still paying it down one payment at a time so I can qualify for a conventional loan soon.  

Paint the dining room it is narrowed down to 2 colors-come vote. they are taped to my wall. hired painters. best. decision. ever. happy I picked the darker color. 

Sand and paint the trim around the house this one I could give or take...we will see. bought the paint. need a sander and another set of willing hands. 

read more books on my kindle i've read a ton of books. mostly for work. but a few for fun. 

be a more gracious person. i would love to say i have really seen a difference in myself or even come close to mastering this, but this has been an interesting year and i am not sure i would describe my attitude as one of grace. i'd probably go with there have been shining moments where i have been gracious.  i'm thinking this needs to carry over to 2013. maybe i should change this and narrow the definition to my weaker area to show more mercy.  

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


the weekend festivities consisted of a lot of...


and lounging around on the patio/frying goodness

and lots of quality time with family that drove from far and wide to spend the week with us

and time with the brother
(thankful for them)

and lots of quality time with the sweet couple  
(happy wedding shower)

and of course sweet cousin girl time

this little doll I couldn't get enough of

and lots of time visiting historical places...
(of course lyd looks just like jessica in this picture)

(clearly we needed out of the civil war museum)

and some more touring of RIC

and driving this one around

and what Slagle family event would be complete without making puffs
(the ultra secret family recipe that is a lot like beignets that I am about to share below in picture form )

and to conclude the weekend festivities here is Lydia and Spirit (the most perfect dog there ever was)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Sunday, December 2, 2012 went by so fast.

I can't believe it is December or even remotely close to Christmas. Here is a phone dump of the events from November leading up to T-giving. 

The month started out with my favorite babies 1st birthday party.  My friend, Devan, who writes this great blog is the mama of these sweet babies. 

and they turned 1 at the end of October. 

charleigh grace and her smash cake.

the cutest family on the planet.

and logan addison and her smash cake. 

halloween at the nc music factory. we were ultra creative and dressed up as party animals.  

 my zebra tights kept falling down so it is ok if you didn't know I was a zebra

This lovely house has had a few problems over the last couple of months. I guess that is the life of a homeowner, but bats and mice have no place here.  we trapped those suckers and then got the pest people here to get rid of them (or just gus gus)

the veterans day holiday was celebrated at the panthers game and celebrate we did

bell, michelle, corey, and I at the tailgate 

thank you for the tickets mich!

bojangles. golden monkey. corn hole. great friends. 
make for a very interesting day. 

duckworths. here weeeeeee come.

stay tuned. thanksgiving and december photo dump up next.