Sunday, July 8, 2012

long live the life of many vacations

This week I started my new job, which is a 12 month position.  July 2nd marks the day that I no longer live on a student/teacher schedule.  
Goodbye beloved October break. Goodbye traveling all summer.  
Hello exciting job and new possibilities!

June 7th was a sad day in the history of my teaching career.  Actually, that whole week was sad.  I had THE sweetest class EVER and it was pure torturous to say goodbye.  We had an award ceremony, a party, field day, and lots of hugs and lovin'.   

one of my sweet parents made this amazing cake

isn't he adorable? 
(i did ask permission to post)

they surprised me with a signed picture and I can't wait to hang it in my new office
 field day parade

Then I packed up my classroom, said some tearful goodbyes, and MOVED out of BHESA
and into my shed.
(hopefully that will change)

Then I flew out to Jackson Hole, Wyoming to meet my family!

You can see all the pictures here

I left the wild wild west after a peaceful week and headed to OBX which ideally would have also been peaceful.  

However, I went with these people.  

So more interesting is probably a better word to describe the trip.  Ann and I tried to soak up uninterrupted time in the sun.  It worked at times and at other times we were beckoned to play frisbee or football or join forces at Hurricane Mo's.  
 nothing like brushing up on the common core while laying on the beach
 love her. 

It was a week full of reading and soaking in the sun, cooking in, exploring the OBX, kayaking, and laughing.  I mean when with these two...who wouldn't laugh the entire time? 

(sorry it's sideways)

Anyways, when I got back I was ready to jump back into the world of education and start my new job! I spent all week either talking with my boss or fellow coaches about what my new role entails.  

I can't wait to get started!