Sunday, January 29, 2012

rolling on the river

Everyone looks forward to the weekends myself included, but what I look forward to the most is the slow pace, the feelings of really accomplishing something, feeling rested, enjoying friends, drinking coffee on the couch, etc.  My kids are great, but sometimes I feel like I don't breathe M-F so the weekends are much anticipated time of deep breathing. 

All day Friday I looked forward to leaving school and kicking off the weekend with the Krauters.  Ashley and I had the pleasure of eating one of Michael's creative (and delicious) dishes and then we went to the movies to see Something Loud and Incredibly Close, but it was sold out. Thanks to groupon-we bought half price tickets and went to see One For the Money.  I would recommend redboxing that. 

I did kid school work all day Saturday and then met up with Devan and her sweet girls for dinner.  I mastered rocking one to sleep and eating lettuce wraps with one hand.  It is the little accomplishments that make you proud.
charleigh grace and logan addison
 oh my goodness. they are the cutest things in this world. 
little lola. 

It almost feels like a movie marathon weekend because T brought home a few options which we watched both.  I am my mother's daughter because I am pretty sure I missed the end of Moneyball. 

Today all I have and will accomplish is listening to these podcasts here (I LOVED the one about Jacob's Dream...I found it quite applicable to my life in its current state.) and going to Amelies to meet BJ for some grad school productivity. 

I. heart. Fridays. Saturdays. Sundays. 

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

lessons learned.


1. I have baby veins that do not like to give blood. 
I have matching bruises on both arms due to the nurses' inability to find and actually get blood from a vein.  
It took a lot of hitting and a 3 baby needles to get 1 vial of blood.  
This just solidifies one MORE reason not to do drugs. 

2. Second Lesson:

imagine picture of tired Brittany.  no one needs to see that. 

I require at least 8.5 hours of sleep.   Everyone always says you need 8 hours of sleep to be rested...I need 8.5.  I am pretty confident my friends would agree that I have the uncanny ability to fall asleep whenever and wherever (I blame my parents).  For some reason the last 2 days, I have had 8.5 hours of sleep and I realized this directly correlates to how my day goes.  Really, you want me to have that much sleep. I am a much kinder, patient person to be around. I am a better teacher and I am sure a better friend with that much sleep. 

I would like to say this would require me to go to bed at 8:30 or 9 every night and that just can't happen (until I officially declare spinsterhood.)

For now, I will try to stay awake when I drive on Independence Blvd (which is often very. very. tough.).  

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

food for thought.

As I was perusing Facebook distracting myself from what I really needed to be doing, I found this video on a few of my friend's pages.  

I am glad that someone made this video.  I know that there are two sides to every argument, but this pretty accurately reflects my feelings on education.  In response to the video I would like to claim that I don't think that teachers are the only valued profession in the world (it didn't make that claim) and I realize that my life and salary is a blessing and that there are many other professions that make less than teachers. 

I would also like to put it out there though that I am tired of teachers complaining and being negative nelly's just because they are not in the ideal situation.  Yes, I have complained. Yes, I think it is a real problem to freeze/decrease our pay BUT the real danger is going to to be when education can't attract competent people and can't retain the ones that are truly effective.  I am thankful for my full time, with benefits and summer vacation schedule.  I appreciate the money that I do make. I enjoy my life and feel like I seize every moment.  I am just not going to work 3 jobs for the rest of my life. 

interesting. huh? 

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Sunday, January 8, 2012

once upon a time

Once upon a time I had this friend that lived with this other girl and we used to hang out all the time.  So much that when the other girl moved out....I decided to move in.  This roommate relationship ended up being pure bliss.  For a long time-life was pretty sweet in Quail HIll. 

Meet Ashley. 

Ashley is a joy to be around.  She is the best listener and always adds an element of fun to any setting she is in.  She always has great advice to share and it has been so much fun being a part of her and (now Michael's) life.  Life is never dull around Ashley. 

ps. Ashley is the best host/party thrower EVER.  I do NOT know anyone else who puts more thought, effort, or details into ANY party they throw. I would hire her for anything I ever needed to plan because it would be perfect. 

Before I bought my house when I lived with her...our schedules were completely different.  Hers brought her home late at night and mine had me up at 5am.  There were many nights when she would pop in my room at midnight and whisper-"are you still awake" and then we would be up for hours chatting. 

long time ago.. 

my birthday celebration

 wild wings for a nick's birthday

 happy 4th of july

merry christmas from 2008?

 bachelorette fun....

celebrating ash's bachelorette at the spa!

Ashley's wedding weekend was a blast! I will run through the events via pictures. 

Before I left for China, I met Ash at the bridal shop where she bought her dress.  She was trying it on and I was just along for the ride.  I arrived and they were no where to be found.  The lady at the front desk handed me a box and I opened it up and inside was this ribbon with the words "will you be my bridesmaid" attached to it!  It was so cute and then I started freaking out and then Ashley and her mom popped out.  I loved Ash's dress and ended up buying my dress that night as well!  The deal was a black silk dress with pockets.  Easy enough... :)  

Fast forward 5 months.

Wednesday night we went out to dinner at Cowfish and had a blast! The majority of the wedding party was in.  We ate dinner, had lots of fun, and then went back to the Ashley's mom's house. Everyone slept in on Thursday and went to the church, ran last minute errands, etc.  I went to work at 6am. Awesome.  I left work as soon as possible and met the bridal party at the nail spa where we got manis/pedi's.  After that we got ready for the rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner. 

At the rehearsal dinner at Maggianos. What a fun night and beautiful celebration of the cute couple.  

 love them. 

We stayed in the hotel the night before the wedding after the rehearsal dinner and on the day of the wedding woke up for a lazy morning.  We went to breakfast and then the hair girl came upstairs and did all of our hair.  Here is cute Ash getting her hair done. 

Then we went over to the church to get dressed and take pictures.  They did a first look and then we went out and took group shots.  The photographer was amazing. We loved the pictures.  She did a great job!

Notice my hair piece.  Ash's colors were taupe and black.  She made these flower broaches and we were told to wear them anywhere we wanted.  I wore mine in my hair, some girls put it on their dress, some attached it to pearls.  Point in case for Ashley's attention to details.  


 ash and her mama-lover dover. 
 the sweetest baby at the wedding-ada lee. 
 the first look
 so sweet. 
 kristy. ashley's future sister in law and a blast to hang out with all weekend. 
 with kristy and kelsey-the cutest 8.5 month pregnant bridesmaid ever. 
 adam. a great groomsmen. 

 the sweet couple. 

 yay! taylor!

It was a great weekend celebrating Ashley and Michael.  

Ashley, thank you for including me in your wedding.  I loved every minute of your special weekend.  You are a great friend and I am so thankful for you in my life!   

Friday, January 6, 2012

to set goals or not to set goals

Today is January 5th 6th.  5 6 days into a supposed New Year's Resolution.  Let's back track for a second...I like LOVE New ranks in my top 5 favorite holidays. 

In the past I have made various goals that I really intended to keep, but somehow I forgot all about them in February.  

I said I was going to read this book because I wanted to have a more discipline life.  I read the book and I hope some of the practices carried over, but most of the time I don't think so. 

I wanted to read the Bible in chronological order and I made it to like April. fail

I wanted to be a runner.  

note: this is NOT a race, it was actually a typical park street that was like every other part of China. a mess of people everywhere. 

And lastly....I wanted to be a "clean" "simple" eater.  So far this is still a goal

This bring me to this year...what do I want to add to my life maybe this will work better than taking away

More tea to kick/cut back my coffee addiction  so far only a teensy cup in the afternoon hours AND no creamer just sweet n low. a far cry from my 32 oz at 6am. 

Read the news everyday hanging in there. it feels good to be informed. 

Graduate with my masters classes don't start for a few more weeks, but my really expensive books are starting to pour in.  Only 3 more classes and then I can officially be a school administrator or a heavily indebted teacher. 

Do some form of athletic event/race maybe the monument ave 10k? maybe something else? 

Pursue opportunities that will want my new credentials:) the world is my limit. seriously. 

Travel to lots of places vague I know but so far Philly, Jackson Hole, and Spain are in the works

Refinance the house being a grown up is tough...way to raise the city taxes Charlotte-Mecklenburg now my payment is quite high. 

Paint the dining room it is narrowed down to 2 colors-come vote. they are taped to my wall.

Sand and paint the trim around the house this one I could give or take...we will see. 

read more books on my kindle

be a more gracious person.