Monday, May 7, 2012

my life as I remember it.

lately in the life (or past 2 months) of this (happily [sometimes]) overcommitted girl...

ML got engaged.

drove to DC and back in less than 24 hours for a job interview.

celebrated Easter and ML's engagement in RIC.

went to the Nationals opening day.

metro rides (obviously so I can show my kids)
Happy Opening Day! 
 What a cold, beautiful, very cold day. 
 we would recommend the gelato. 

met my taylor girls in philly for a weekend of eating and good conversations.

stocking up for the weekend. 

how does all of our technology/phones/gps completely die in west philly

walking our way through philly
so we can eat out way through philly one brunch place at a time

 @ the speakeasy
touring yards brewery

took my principal licensing exam
so. thankful. those. five. hours. are. over. 

finished grad school

flew to DC (again) for interview #2-this time for 3 days
 va is for vino lovers
 its like the first day of school. a documented pre interview pic. just envision no jean jacket or yellow shoes
one of my favorite people in this world. 

interviewed 3 times in CLT

graduated from Queens with my MSA
 finally done. 
the picture from across the years
 my charlotte girls. so thankful.
love my family. 

and I....

ACCEPTED a new position as a Title One Instructional Literacy Coach in CMS. 

I start July 1.  
(more pictures/details coming soon)