Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Random thoughts from

....a month or so ago.

-I was told today I have high expectations. I just feel like most things in life fit into two categories. You either meet the standard or you don't.

-I am a full supporter of facial hair or scruffiness on men. I'm also a supporter of men rocking the beard. However...just sprouting mustaches are the worst. The only person I know who can pull off the 'stache is my dad. Maybe I'm biased.

-Why are there such random items strewn around my house...lice detangler, bottles of opened wine on the mantle, a set of sharpies in the bathroom, foam rollers in the living room, random things in wrong spots. Everything has fallen apart with this project.

-It's 12:40 on Tuesday night/Monday morning and I am finished with all edits. (Revision. It's Wednesday at 3 and I am about to hand over the whole project. What a great feeling to be done. No more weekends of coffee shops. No more nights of reading units until I fall asleep. No more excuse to be antisocial...ekkk :))

-I miss having my own class of kiddos. Everyone asks am I glad I left the classroom?! Most days yes but no matter what day it is when I am a part of a kid making a break through or meeting a goal I REALLY miss the classroom.

-Life lesson 4754256755 leaders who lead with force get compliance NOT what they are actually looking for.

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