Wednesday, December 5, 2012


the weekend festivities consisted of a lot of...


and lounging around on the patio/frying goodness

and lots of quality time with family that drove from far and wide to spend the week with us

and time with the brother
(thankful for them)

and lots of quality time with the sweet couple  
(happy wedding shower)

and of course sweet cousin girl time

this little doll I couldn't get enough of

and lots of time visiting historical places...
(of course lyd looks just like jessica in this picture)

(clearly we needed out of the civil war museum)

and some more touring of RIC

and driving this one around

and what Slagle family event would be complete without making puffs
(the ultra secret family recipe that is a lot like beignets that I am about to share below in picture form )

and to conclude the weekend festivities here is Lydia and Spirit (the most perfect dog there ever was)

Happy Thanksgiving!

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