Sunday, December 2, 2012 went by so fast.

I can't believe it is December or even remotely close to Christmas. Here is a phone dump of the events from November leading up to T-giving. 

The month started out with my favorite babies 1st birthday party.  My friend, Devan, who writes this great blog is the mama of these sweet babies. 

and they turned 1 at the end of October. 

charleigh grace and her smash cake.

the cutest family on the planet.

and logan addison and her smash cake. 

halloween at the nc music factory. we were ultra creative and dressed up as party animals.  

 my zebra tights kept falling down so it is ok if you didn't know I was a zebra

This lovely house has had a few problems over the last couple of months. I guess that is the life of a homeowner, but bats and mice have no place here.  we trapped those suckers and then got the pest people here to get rid of them (or just gus gus)

the veterans day holiday was celebrated at the panthers game and celebrate we did

bell, michelle, corey, and I at the tailgate 

thank you for the tickets mich!

bojangles. golden monkey. corn hole. great friends. 
make for a very interesting day. 

duckworths. here weeeeeee come.

stay tuned. thanksgiving and december photo dump up next. 

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